Apple unveiled a preview version of its latest OS X, Mountain Lion, to developers this morning, and it looks a lot like the latest iteration of iOS. Mobile integration is obviously the goal here and Apple isn't looking back.

Take iChat, for instance: the chat client has been discarded completely in favor of iMessage, so you can text a friend from your desktop for free. Also, Notifications, the dropdown dock from iOS, will make its debut in Mountain Lion, taking up a spot on the right-hand side of the Desktop.

Twitter is a big winner here, as Apple plans to integrate it into all of its apps--in theory, you should be able tweet out your Photo Booth pics without ever leaving the app, via a new interface dubbed, "Share Sheet." The same goes for Flickr and Vimeo, but surprisingly Facebook is left out in the cold--battle lines are drawn, it seems.

The consumer version of Mountain Lion should be released this summer, barring any delays.

[via Mashable]