Just days after her triumphant sweep at the Grammys, rumors of a sex tape starring Adele popped up courtesy of French magazine Public. The gossip rap published alleged X-rated screenshots obtained from paparazzo Jean-Claude Elfassi on the cover of its latest issue. Elfassi boasted that he would release footage of the sex tape free of charge on his website.

Adele has since come out, vehemently denying such claims and is even taking legal action to fight it. 

“We are informed that the French magazine Public has today published images which it claims show our client in a sex tape,” 23-year-old Adele’s attorneys offer in an official statement. “Our client has not appeared in a sex tape as claimed in the article. Our client does not appear in the photographs.”

Well, there you have it, folks. Cut and dry. Clear as day. Now the rumors can be put to rest.

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