Get involved in the conversation

The Internet, though riddled with booby traps for men on the prowl, offers unrivaled opportunities to win over a woman before ever meeting face-to-face. With all of the information available to you about who she is and what she's interested in, you have literally been handed a field guide to establishing common ground. 

Instead of making like Woody Allen in Everyone Says I Love You and using the information you have to pose as the man of her dreams, look for ways in which you can genuinely connect. If she's tweeting about Kendrick Lamar's latest track, share your opinion about it, even dare to disagree with her. It's not about seeing eye-to-eye right off the bat, it's about starting a conversation. It's more likely a woman will become intrigued by a guy who interacts with her on a regular basis and actually has something interesting to say. 

This is exactly what women are looking for: a man who is genuinely interested in who she is and what she has to say. Rather than commenting on her profile photo, say something about what she devotes her time to online. If she always makes comments on current fashion trends, give her props on her good taste. If she takes great photos, tell her she has a great eye for landscapes (or whatever the subject is). If she keeps a blog, tell her you read it and mention something specific you liked about it.

Actually read it.

Find something that you admire, don't send a superficial compliment. An in-depth assessment will really get a lady's attention, because it shows she's really got yours.