Reconsider your handle

In an ideal world, every beautiful woman you came across would be a friend of a friend. But the fact is, some of the people we stumble upon in the seemingly infinite universe that is the Internet are total strangers.

That's not to say you can't be genuinely attracted to the identity someone has constructed online. If you consider the many mediums we use to connect these days (Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Formspring, Wordpress, LinkedIn, gchat, Foursquare, YouTube—the list grows faster than we can create new profiles!), you realize that you can get a multi-faceted sense of who someone is. Still, it's just a constructed outline, one that has probably been built with an audience and desired self-image in mind. 

And yet, you should give thought to what your many social medium platforms have to say about you. If your Twitter handle is SuperSwaggerMan and your constantly @-ing other girls—"Hey sexy, follow me back xo!"—the woman you reach out to will size you up in a single click, and in that click, you'll lose your chance.

Similarly, if you post explicit images on your Tumblr, have an entire board devoted to "Big Booty Bitches" on Pinterest, and ask random women with bra-shots as their avatar personal questions on Formspring, you're communicating something very specific about yourself, and you're broadcasting it to every prospective new woman you meet out there.

Reevaluate your online persona from a woman's perspective. Are you someone who seems genuine and interesting, someone capable of being honest and trustworthy? Is your internet identity an accurate representation of who you are, or is it a cleverly constructed stand-in for the person you'd like to be? Do some serious editing so that your social media presence works for you, instead of against you.