Moulin Rouge

Location: 900 West Bonanza Rd., Las Vegas
Significance: The first integrated hotel and casino in Las Vegas

Most casinos on the Vegas Strip didn't welcome blacks unless they were in entertainment or the service industry. That changed on May 24, 1955, when the Moulin Rouge opened. As the first integrated hotel/casino in the United States, the Moulin Rouge was a popular destination for black celebrities, who would often perform at other venues but stay there. Sadly, the promise of the Moulin Rouge was short-lived—it closed that November, filing for bankruptcy one month later. Still, a meeting was held at the closed hotel in 1960 following the threat of a march down the Vegas Strip to protest discrimination. A resolution was reached, desegregating all casinos on the strip. For its role in the Civil Rights Movement, the Moulin Rouge was added to the Register of National Historic Places in 1992. Fire damaged the building and a planned renovation was halted by another blaze. Plans to demolish the remains were approved in 2010. As of now, the bulldozers sit out front, a painful reminder of the building's fate.