22. Bonanza Bros.

First Release: Bonanza Bros. (1990, Arcade)
Last Release: Puzzle & Action: Treasure Hunt (1996, Sega Saturn)

In our younger days, we preferred to be the robbers when our friends opted to be cops. Sega must have picked up on our hunger for criminal activity 'cause this game let us rob people blind.

Bonanza Bros. was a dope 2-player game that mixed elements of stealth, action and co-op gameplay. Sega was ahead of the curve with this one. We had a blast with the thieving brothers. Loot this, loot that, shoot that guy, get to the roof, hop on that blimp and win!

Imagine how much more awesome this game would be with an HD re-release? Keep the animation style but spruce up the graphics a bit. Keep the same concept, add on online co-op, present us with some new places to jack and VOILA!

Los Hermanos Bonanza are back in business.