8. Fighters Megamix

First Release: Fighters Megamix (1996, Sega Saturn)
Last Release: Fighters Megamix (1996, Sega Saturn)

Man, we just realized how many fighting franchises Sega has in the chamber. Since fighting game crossovers/character battle royals are still in these days, it's about time for another Fighters Megamix.

The first one had everyone from Virtua Fighter to Virtua Cop kicking and punching in 3D. Ever since that '90s release, Sega has added a plethora of new franchise characters that are ripe for this type of game. How about a new entry featuring even more of the greatest Sega icons?

Add on Bayonetta, the dude from Vanquish, Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series, and anybody from Valkyria Chronicles. Keep the former cast (except those Sonic and Virtua Kid fighters) and add on some tag-team gameplay. Now that would put Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. on notice.

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