11. Daytona USA

First Release: Daytona USA (1994, Arcade/Sega Saturn)
Last Release: Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge (1998, Arcade)

DAYTONA! Oh how we missed thee! When the original was re-released on PSN and XBLA last year, we lost our shit! This is the OG of arcade racing games from back in the day. It was an awesome sight to see more than 3 people sitting next to each other racing their own Daytona chairs.

Sega, don't put a new Daytona on consoles. Here us out! We're sure the Dave & Busters crowd would love another racing game cabinet. Why not offer the arcade crowd another one of our favorite racers? Clean those graphics up, add on more addictive songs, offer more than three stages, and that's that.

10 players racing simultaneously on a Daytona arcade cabinet? It's time for this racer to be reborn.