16. Ristar

First Release: Ristar (1995, Sega Genesis)
Last Release: Ristar (1995, Game Gear)

We think Sonic Team needs to take a break on our hedgehog buddy and get back to Ristar. This platformer starred lil' Ristar, who had stretchy arms and a whole lotta personality to match. Dude was shaped like a star, people. Hence the silly name. So simple in concept, yet so complex in when it came time to play the game.

Ristar had a pair of super stretchy arms that let you propel him all over the place and bounce off nearby platforms. Once he got those arms around an enemy, he'd stretch himself out and murder dudes with some sickening headbutts. Oh, so now you're intrigued?

Sonic Team, listen to this: make a new entry for Ristar. Keep it 2D, let the side-scrolling stay intact, make the lil' dude move a bit faster, and introduce more characters for co-op play.

And with that, we just brought Ristar back into the public gamers' eye. Your move, Sega.