17. Gain Ground

First Release: Gain Ground (1988, Arcade)
Last Release: Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 9: Gain Ground (2004, Playstation 2)

Here's a game most new gamers don't know much about. Gain Ground was a spiffy little top-down action game that dropped in 1988. The game: Pick from an assortment of 20 armed characters, shoot down all your enemies or reach the exit before time ran out to complete the level.

When Sega reintroduced this joint in 2009 on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, our girlfriends were unpleasantly surprised at how addictive this thing was. Three-way cop-op meant plenty of good times blasting baddies with our friends. It got us thinking: This would sell like hotcakes on PSN and XBLA! Keep the top-down perspective, make it 4-way co-op this time, introduce 20 more killers and away we go. Some tower defense elements wouldn't hurt.

The concept for greatness is here, Sega. Bring this shooter back from the dead!