Zynga, the company popular for online social games like Farmville, today launched its latest Facebook game: Zynga Bingo. Yup, the game beloved by millions of senior citizens is now available to the Facebook masses. 

The game, which is part of a new franchise called Zynga Casino, is in beta and currently available to only a select group of players. The classic Bingo rules are still in effect, but the experience has been given a social makeover. Players will be able to place bets against their friends to see who can reach Bingo first. They can also play with up to six Bingo boards to keep the momentum going. There are also some other social tools that let you call on friends if you're in a bind. 

Instead recreating a church basement, Zynga designed three themed rooms for players to play in, including: 

  • Vegas Lights: Visit old sin city, with your bingo balls coming straight out of the truck of a classic Cadillac.
  • Pirate’s Paradise: Ahoy Matey in a room where a treasure chest delivers the bingo balls
  • FarmVille Bounty: Bingo in FarmVille? Challenge your buddies to get four corners in the themed room based off one of your favorite games.

Zynga first announced the game in October of last year at an event held at its headquarters in San Francisco. There's no word on when the game will be out of Beta. 

[via Zynga, Mashable]