The body of 36-year-old Clifford Ellison (second photo) was found in an overturned vehicle in Lakeland, Florida, leading police to believe that he was the victim of a car accident. Oh, how wrong they were. Witnesses claim they saw some suspicious activity in the car, and that a passenger split right before the crash.

As it turns out, that passenger was 26-year-old Jerek L. Evans (third photo), who has cooking up some "shake and bake" meth (kits pictured above) while Ellison drove. Some meth chemists prefer this method because it's easier than working in a full lab (you don't need a source of heat), but probably not in a moving vehicle.

The glass bottle Evans was using exploded, sending shards of glass into Ellison's neck. Police now believe this is what caused his death and led to him flipping the car. Some people don't let others smoke or eat in their cars, so why would you let someone cook meth?

Meth lab explosionsare bad, meth lab explosions on wheels are even worse.

[via Miami New Times]

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