Alumni Bars

Where the girls go: The Hill (Minnesota alums); Village Pourhouse-East Village (Georgia alums); Mad Hatter Saloon (Arkansas alums); Saloon (Florida State alums); Stout (Texas alums)

Out of all the places on this list, this one might offer the easiest way to meet a woman. For one, certain colleges are known for having attractive alumni (Gator girls, anyone?). But the best aspect of this is the ease of fool-proof conversation with easygoing, beer-drinking women.

How to approach her: If she's wearing your alma mater's gear (or seems to be rooting for them) bring up how the current bar you're at could never compare to (insert most popular college bar from your school). If she's went to another school, jokingly pick on their mascot, talk about how why you love her home team/college...the possibilities are virtually inexhaustible!

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