Of-The-Moment Clubs

Where the girls go: 1920 Bunker Club (24 9th Ave.); Avenue (116 10th Ave.); Juliet Supperclub (539 West 21st St.); Greenhouse (150 Varick St.); SL (409 West 14th St.)

We didn't want to point you in this direction, but we had to. It's not shocking, but it is true—the most beautiful women in city can be found in whatever clubs are hot at the moment. We've included the places they're most likely to be found for the masochists among you. And we say masochists because...

How to approach her: While it's true women do go out to meet men, they are more often out to enjoy wild dancing with friends. The main aim of looking good is feeling good and the egotistical joy of being gawked at. Only occasionally does this translate into actually meeting someone.

Our only advice here is avoid being "that guy." Just come with confidence, but without gimmicks. In the end, that's the only thing that always works.