The brutal beating of a Bronx teenager by several NYPD officers has launched investigations by the Internal Affairs department and the D.A.'s office. The attack came after 19-year-old Jatiek Reed was arrested and charged last week for alleged robbery, possession of marijuana, cocaine, and assaulting an officer.

The assaulted officer needed stitches to "close a cut on his nose," but the video doesn't show Reed throwing any blows. Following his arrest, Reed's mother, brother, and friend went to the precinct to confront police and bail him out, but were also arrested. Officers claimed they were "attacked" by Reed's family and friends.

Reed's mother says her son was beaten so badly that he needed staples in his head and arms, and his father says the family plans to sue the city. Was excessive force used? Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but think about why one of the cops was so quick to use pepper spray on the person filming the scene.

[via Gothamist]

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