American Idol is certainly not on our must-watch TV list (unless you count the joy we get from their shamelessly scathing criticism), but we have to give props where they are due.

And 26-year-old Reed Grimm deserves ample kudos, jazz snaps or whatever type of props you prefer to give for his borderline-genius rendition of the Family Matters theme song. While we admit we don't know exactly what he's doing (musical laughing, beat-boxing, scatting?), we can undoubtedly say his diddy did Urkel proud.

For the record, that's not to say we'll start watching the flailing series as it inevitably swan dives this season, but we will certainly keep our eyes peeled for more more theme song remixes from Grimm.  If he's taking requests, we'd like to suggest Charles in Charge.

[via Warming Glow]