Ashton Kutcher is reaching way back into 2007 and rebooting the long-lost (and mostly long-forgotten) celebrity prank show, Punk'd.

Instead of doing his thing in front of the camera, Kutcher will be behind the scenes and the show will be helmed by a new celebrities each week, among them Justin BieberKellan Lutz, Dax Shepard and Bam Margera.

In MTV's newly released sneak peek of the new season, which airs Monday, March 19, we see Kloe Kardashian being punk'd by Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne. Khloe, convinced she's in for a low-key night of take-out and talking, is duped into believing the delivery man has pulled a Ben Stiller and got his manhood caught in his zipper. Or, as Khloe puts it when she calls 911: "He's caught his balls in the zipper of his pants."

We're seriously skeptical high school-style pranks like this will regain the show's once fear-inducing reign, but we're game to watch them try! Although, for the record, a high, teary-eyed Justin Timberlake will be damn near impossible to beat.

[via HuffPost]