Jens Pulver is best known by his fighting nickname, Lil Evil, which is a fairly accurate description of the diminutive MMA champion. He was the first UFC lightweight title-holder, and his resume includes some of the league’s all-time classic bouts.

But as Pulver says, “I was a gamer first, fighter second.” That’s right: he stands just as good a chance of kicking your virtual butt as he does your actual butt. It’s a scary thought. Pulver’s love of gaming goes back as far as he can remember, but the arrival of his first NES was a watershed moment. “For some reason, I still remember the code that will take you straight to Mike Tyson on Punchout,” says Pulver.

He spends a lot of time defending his gaming habits these days, but admits that some of his best friendships are ones he formed on vent. He approaches a game like Call of Duty with the keen focus of an athlete, happily participating in team practices and drills. Bringing sports and gaming even closer, Pulver has found that spending time on his PC is the best break from his UFC routine: “When I was in training camp, there was not much time for social events, and on weekends you just had to stay dedicated to your regimen. I was not a fan of watching television. I figured if I had that kind of time then I was going to play my PC instead.”

Pulver has always loved the intensity of PC gaming, and is very knowledgeable about how to keep his machine in optimal form. So it is only natural that a partnership would form between Lil Evil and Alienware, and thanks to Complex, you’ll be hearing what Jens Pulver has to say about a variety of games in the coming weeks. Check out for more, and check back on Complex for Pulver's role as a guest editor in contributing his content to his soon-to-come PC column.