Well, look at what we have here. If the leak is legit, then you are looking at the Collectors Edition for Aliens: Colonial Marines. And by the looks of it, they're getting things right in the "included statue" department. Aliens is a beast of a movie, and the finale with the powerloader is up there with some of the rocking-est scenes ever committed to film.

But this is about the game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Well, obviously powerloaders will make an appearance in-game, and on-desk if you pick this thing up. If this picture is correct, then players who buy the collector's edition will also be getting:

a USCM dossier 

- an in-game flamethrower and smartgun multiplayer weapons

- a pulse-rifle upgrade

- an exclusive firing-range game mode.

Sounds like a lot of useful in-game stuff. Oh yeah, there's also a powerloader, folks. Not as nice as the one I have at home, but it'll do.

P.S. That thing sucks to fold laundry with.  Sucks.