The Witcher 2 has got to be one of the most-wanted games for anyone without a gaming PC—one of those games that has you salivating just at the thought of playing it every time you see an Alienware ad. Despite developer CD Projekt's recent troubles with DRM and German people, we're just as excited to get our hands on the Xbox 360 version.

We just got wind that it's finally been slapped with a release date: April 17. In addition to the original game, Joystiq reports, it'll also come packed with over four hours of content that was originally added to the PC version as free DLC—plus some that's brand new. It'll be a sort of deluxe edition. That may explain its delay from 2011 to April 2012; "Do we want to give players the game earlier without the content or do we want to give them everything?" the devs said. "We wanted the game to be richer and have all of the content from PC, and even more content.

"We're launching the Xbox 360 version, but we'll continue to work on both titles parallel, creating some extra stuff and trying to give some extra stuff to players. We never fire and forget; it's against our philosophy."

Xbox 360 gamers will surely be happy to start enjoying that philosophy. Have you played The Witcher 2 on PC? Are you planning on picking it up on 360? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.