Richard Garriott, or Lord British, if you will, is finally getting the chance to head into space. If you're unfamiliar with Garriott's work, just take a look at any MMORPG, or Fantasy RPG for that matter, and know that Richard Garriott had something to with it. 

Garriott designed Ultima and even programmed the first game in the series himself. After that, he had a direct hand in every Ultima game in the series, and there are a ton of games in the Ultima series. He also designed Tabula Rasa, which wasn't nearly as successful, but we won't fault him too much for it. And through his entire career as a game designer, he always held out the dream of traveling to space one day, like his father, astronaut Owen Garriott.

Well, for $30 million and a year or so of training, Garriott got his wish in 2008, and became the world's first 2nd-generation astronaut in the process.

The realization of Lord British's dream was filmed for the movie Man on a Mission, and the trailer is above. Late congratulations to Lord British, or General British if you were more into Tabula Rasa.