Harrison Krix is at it again. The guy set out to make a good-looking set of Portal 2 boots, and wouldn't you know, they're incredible. We've previously posted on Krix's awesome Gravity Gun prop from Half-Life 2.

These boots, however, are a little different from the previous builds Krix has done, which include spot-on replicas of guns from Mass Effect, Warhammer 40k, Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, and lots of others. These boots are a bit different, since they interact with the wearer in a unique way. They're obviously not a gun or weapon to be held, nor are they meant to be worn like a replica set of armor, which Krix also excels in. It seems that the wearer must really be conscious of what they've got strapped to their legs, and change their walk accordingly. Not a bad thing, by any means. In fact, it's very cool.

The Portal boots are great because they don't work[?], but damnit, they look like they would, and that's why these things were so cool when we played with them in Portal. 

Follow this link to see detailed pictures of different stages of the build. Aside from that, you should check out the Volpin Props blog for pictures of EVERYTHING.

So thanks again, Harrison Krix, and thanks to Valve for conceiving those crazy-ass things.