So, it turns out our pessimism about that Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad proved accurate: It was to good to be true! It was not a trailer for a mid-life crisis Ferris Buller's Day Off remake, it was just for a good old-fashioned, gimmicky Super Bowl ad for Honda.

Gawker tells us that Matthew Broderick is lending his talents to a Honda ad that will "mimic much of the original film" and will possibly feature a Honda CR-V to pull off that "big jump the two valets do in Cameron's dad's Ferrari."

While the concept is completely implausible, word is they hired The Hangover's writer/director, Todd Phillips, to put it all together. Expect bells, whistles, exotic animals and a possible Mike Tyson cameo, but a full-on-Ferris-sequel? Nope, it's not in the cards.

[via Gawker]