In a letter to shareholders yesterday, Netflix outlined its vision for the future—not just that of the company, but television in general.

Predicting full personalization, Netflix wrote of viewers being able to control slow-motion replays, as if a video game. Watching multiple games simultaneously on ESPN would also be the norm, with color coding highlighting the best action. 

Viewing only one “linear feed,” Netflix said, “will seem like using a rotary dial telephone.”

And in light of better-than-expected quarterly results, Netflix thinks it’s perfectly positioned to lead TV’s revolution instead of dying out after the mistakes of the past few months. “As a pure-play we have many advantages, just as cable did over broadcast,” Netflix wrote. “We are 100% on-demand and highly-personalized”

“Additionally, our Internet culture enables us to create and drive social TV, recommendations TV, and other Internet innovations faster than our cable and broadcast network competitors.”

[via Business Insider]