Best/Worst: Tone

Simply put, Chuck was fun. Most of the best series out right now are dark, gloomy dramas, which is cool and all, but a little levity goes a long way. The show reveled in all its spying-is-fun glory with more ridiculously improbable gadgets than the Roger Moore Bond films and comic book villains that would've been right at home in an '80s action B-movie. That is to say, for the most part, it was very enjoyable. The series couldn't have been more clearer about its intentions than in the pilot scene pictured above, which depicts Chuck defusing a bomb—with a porn virus.

However, the series did occasionally stray too far into the goofy zone, and maybe a reason it never did well in the ratings was because on any given episode audiences weren't sure whether to laugh with it or at it. 

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