29. The Village of Denshaw is the Worst Place on Earth

Compromised page: Village of Denshaw, UK town

Year: 2008

Chances are you've never heard of the Village of Denshaw, a quiet community located northeast of Manchester, England. However, if you read its Wikipedia page back in '08, you would have gotten the wrong picture of the quaint town. Hackers modified the village's page to say that it was home to "an obese popular of sun-starved, sheep hurling yokels with a brothel for a pub and a lingering tapeworm infection." The hackers didn't stop there. The Wiki page also said that the only reason people go to Denshaw is for the "competitive sports held in the village including rock rolling, cow shooting, and sheep hurling," but, they continued, many tourists no longer visit due to "the Ascariasis epidemic in 1998 which left most of the village seriously ill." Wow. Looks like someone had a really bad time on vacation.