Network: NBC
Stars: Jason Isaacs, Dylan Minnette, Laura Allen, Daniela Bobadilla, Terrence Edwards, Wilmer Valderrama, Steve Harris
Premiere Date: To be determined
Why we’re excited: Kudos to NBC’s Awake for catching our eye the old-fashioned way: with its concept, rather than any flashy big-name stars. Created by Kyle Killen (whose previous show, Fox’s briefly aired Lone Star, earned tons of critical love despite its low ratings), Awake blends the procedural series approach with Twilight Zone-esque weirdness.

It’s about a detective (Jason Isaacs) who, following a car crash alongside his wife (Laura Allen) and teenage son (Dylan Minnette), bounces back and forth between two realities: one in which only he and his wife survived the automobile wreck, and another where only his son remains breathing with him. Quite Fringe-like, huh? Well, as much as we love Fringe, Killen better pray that Awake reaches a far wider audience.