Network: FX
Stars: To be determined
Premiere Date: October
Why we’re excited: Got all attached to, and emotional about, the dysfunctional yet endearing Harmon family? Well, softies, you’re shit out of luck—American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the now-ghostly family’s storyline is officially caput, much like every other character’s arc from the batshit and badass FX show’s impressive first season.

And, if you ask us, that’s a brilliant move. In the eyes of Murphy and co-creator Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story has always been envisioned as a long-form anthology series, giving each season to one story, wrapping things up in the finale, and starting up again the following year with new characters, scares, and settings. So, at the moment, the only people who know any details about American Horror Story’s next season are Sirs Murphy and Falchuk (pictured above with Season One stars Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott), and they’re not dropping any information until February.

In this day and age of pop culture predictability and easily leaked information, not knowing what’s in store for one of our favorite shows is a wonderful feeling.