6. This Is 40

Director: Judd Apatow
Stars: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Segel, Chris O’Dowd, John Lithgow, Melissa McCarthy, Albert Brooks, Megan Fox, Lena Dunham, Ryan Lee, Charlyne Yi
Release Date: December 21
Why we’re excited: Everyone knows Knocked Up as the movie that turned Seth Rogen into a bankable movie star, and rightfully so—he’s funny as all hell in it. But one viewing of writer-director/comedy game-changer Judd Apatow’s second feature film (following The 40 Year Old Virgin) is all it takes for one to acknowledge the film’s two funniest characters: the unhappily married couple played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann (a.k.a. Mrs. Judd Apatow).

In This Is 40, Apatow’s much welcomed Knocked Up spinoff, Rudd and Mann reprise their original roles, giving the husband-and-wife team’s domestic woes more breathing room than mere intervals between Rogen’s romances with Katherine Heigl. As long as there’s another fantasy baseball draft scene (“We’ve got Matsui!”), we’re all for it. It doesn’t hurt, either, that Albert Brooks will play Rudd’s father, or that Megan Fox will sex it up as, reportedly, a temptress intent on making Rudd cheat. Or that Jason Segel and other familiar faces from Knocked Up will show up for brief cameos.

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