7. THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (The CW, Disney XD, 2008-2009)

Despite being absolutely brilliant while it was on the air, The Spectacular Spider-Man was canceled right when it was hitting its stride. The show was the perfect amalgamation of the classic Stan Lee/Steve Ditko/John Romita comics from the ‘60s and the more modern Spidey stories from the '90s and '00s. Every episode seemingly topped the one that came before it as classic Spider-Man foes and supporting characters were brought to life to near-perfection.

But the show didn’t stop at a few great fight scenes and stellar voice-acting; it also featured sophisticated storytelling that completely strayed from the clichés of the genre. There was no such thing as a throwaway episode of this show; instead, every episode laid the groundwork for a larger storyline that would often span an entire season, such as the mystery behind the Green Goblin’s identity. The Spectacular Spider-Man was pure comic book perfection while it was on the air, and if it had lasted a little bit longer it probably would have ranked even higher than it does.

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