10. SUPER FRIENDS (ABC, 1973-1986)

With its kid-friendly tone and goofy plots, Super Friends is the show responsible for bringing comic books to the Saturday morning cartoon block. Sure, other shows came before it, but none lasted as long. Throughout its run, the show evolved as the comic books themselves grew more mature. When it was first introduced in the '70s, the show featured the Justice League teaming up with kid-heroes Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog in a series of head-shaking adventures.

But soon, the show introduced the villainous Legion of Doom in a direction that was much more appealing to the average comic book fan. Eventually, the show morphed into a space opera that pitted the League against Darkseid and the intergalactic foes from Apokolips. This season was a precursor to the industry changing shows that Bruce Timm and company would bring to the genre.

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