It's no secret that movie adaptations of comic books are the current trend in Hollywood, but there is a medium that translates these characters even better than live-action features: animation. With the ability to not only recreate the storylines from the comics, but to actually replicate the artwork, superhero cartoons have featured some of the most memorable comic book stories of all time.

Over the years, these cartoons have evolved from short segments with crudely animated heroes and bad one-liners into some of the most sophisticated animation that we have ever seen. In fact, it can be argued that in recent years, many of these animated series have overshadowed the comics that they were originally based on.

Tonight at 11 p.m. ET, G4 is debuting a brand new Blade anime series featuring the popular comic book character (and voice work from actor Harold Perrineau). The show's blockbuster action scenes and widescreen directing style expand upon the notion that these cartoons should be viewed as truly artistic accomplishments, rather than cheap children's entertainment. So in honor of Blade’s strong debut, we’re taking a look back at The 25 Best Animated Comic Book Shows of all Time.

Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1)

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