8. The Reynolds (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, FX, 2005-Present)

You'd think that Charlie Kelly's (Charlie O'Day) and Ronald "Mac" MacDonald's (Rob McElhenney) family Christmas traditions would take the cake: One's mother gets nailed by a steady influx of Santa Clauses, and the other's bootleg Grinch of a father urges him to steal gifts from neighboring families. But we're going out on a limb and saying that neither of these upbringings possibly compare to the amount of trauma that would come from being a product of the Reynolds family.

Dee (Caitlin Olson) and Dennis (Glenn Howerton) might be two of the most awesomely and horribly manipulative, not to mention self-involved, characters on television, but we challenge you to handle having a dad like Frank (Danny DeVito) with the amount of, um, grace, that his offspring have. Mr. Reynolds dates crack-smoking hookers and specifically buys himself the holiday gifts his children pine away for.