9. The Wolfe Family (Rocko's Modern Life, Nickelodeon, 1993-1996)

We're all about paying this long-underrated Nicktoon its dues. While your favorite childhood network had its fair share of bizarre families, from Ren And Stimpy's volatile and ambiguous domestic partnership to the ultraneglectful Pickles brood on Rugrats, we can't think of a single one we'd be less psyched to bring friends home to than Heffer Wolfe's.

In one particularly awkward episode, Rocko decides to join the group for a meal, and things get weird fast. The wallaby's steer best friend, despite growing up around wolves, had no clue he'd ever been adopted. When it comes out at the already-uncomfortable dinner, his family confesses that they initially had planned on eating him, but grew to love him. Reassuring.

Meanwhile, Hef's temperamental father's outbursts at his stoner brother (we can only assume), capped off by his grandfather's beating of Rocko with a stick while calling him a "beaver," only further confirm the family's status as one of our most beloved that we'd never want to belong to.