There's nothing to make you appreciate your family like the last leg of the holiday season—that, and watching significantly more messed-up families on television. All of a sudden, the years of stupid arguments over unwashed dishes with your parents and brothers feel like blessings in comparison to the disagreements between various HBO show relatives in which you aren't totally certain that every party will make it out alive.

Thankfully, tomorrow night Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy), the patriarch of Showtime's underrated dark comedy series Shameless, will make his return. TV's most respected new alcoholic on the block will be back on the scene to spread the liquid love and fill the void left by Dexter when it comes to getting your effed-up family fix (especially after Dex and Deb's last few episodes). In honor of the Gallaghers' second season, we present you with our list of The 10 Most Dysfunctional TV Families.

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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