Mechwarrior Online

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The Battletech franchise began as a pen-and-paper tabletop wargame published by the legendary game company FASA in 1984. It didn’t take long for the Battletech universe, and its giant, bipedal war machines called BattleMechs, to be adapted into video games.

The original Mechwarrior published in 1989 was the granddaddy of all ‘Mech simulators. For almost twenty years Battletech-inspired video games were on the market, running the gamut from role-playing games and strategy games to action games and simulations. The franchise has lain dormant since 2006, and for the last five years Battletech fans have been wondering when and if the next game in the series would see the light of day.

Word broke through a Twitter campaign last October that the wait was over. You can keep track of the development of Mechwarrior Online here.