People Who Play Games Are Anti-Social

Chief Propagators: Your mother’s busybody friend who doesn’t realize her children are a little too “social”

Why It’s Dumb: 20 million members on Xbox Live, all being anti-social… together

With Warcraft guilds the size of small countries, the argument that video games make people anti-social has always baffled me. Sure, people who play games online may not be communicating with each other in the old fashioned physical sense, but that doesn’t mean the connections people make through digital means are any less valid.

Most games are designed to be played with others and though it’s frequently a competitive relationship, it’s still a relationship. Communities are created by people who share common experiences and if events like PAX are any indication, then there are a lot of us with shared experiences from games. The next time someone tells you that games are anti-social because you never see the person you’re talking to, remind them how text messaging works.

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