Gaming Makes You Fat

Chief Propagators: Vain gym rats who put so much effort into working out, they don’t have time for fun

Why It’s Dumb: Gaming burns slightly more calories than TV, even more if it’s Wii

Gamers may not be the most physically fit group of individuals, but the assumption that video games are what make them fat is a bit misguided. Any form of general inactivity, be it watching TV, playing a game or reading a book doesn’t help any, but it also won’t do any harm.

Poor diet is by far a greater factor than weight gain than any specific activity or lack thereof. If you’re noticing a few extra pounds getting packed on the gut, it has less to do with that marathon session of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and more to do with the 3 large pizzas and 8 bottles of Mountain Dew you drank.