Online Gamers Are All Assholes and Cheaters

Chief Propagators: Rage-quitters, crybabies and sore losers

Why It’s Dumb: Either everyone online is Kevin Mitnick, or you’re just a terrible gamer

There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling off an impressive 360® no-scope, only to hear some whiner accuse you of using hacks, ruining the game for everyone else, and calling for you to be permanently banned from the internet.

It’s true that there are folks out there who abuse systems and do what they can to cheat, but for the most part people are just sitting back and trying to play.

This rabid assumption that anyone with a modicum of skill is a cheating hacker flies in the face of the very spirit of competition video games were founded on. Some people will always be better than you; it’s best you start facing it now.