5. Logan (Logan #1-3, 2008)

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Eduardo Risso

After the events of the 2006 crossover storyline House Of M, Wolverine regained all of the memories that he had lost over the years, and, for the first time, remembered everything about the life he had before he got his adamantium skeleton. In Logan, Brian K. Vaughan takes this newly enlightened Wolverine back to Japan to confront some old demons. Featuring a series of flashbacks that expand upon Logan’s time in Japan during WWII, this story goes a long way towards presenting Wolverine’s life as a piece of human tragedy, rather than a colorful superhero.

This series quickly shifts between an intimate character piece and an absurd superhero tale that sees the atomic bomb at Hiroshima dropped on top of Wolverine, but Vaughan manages to balance it all out quite well. Though painfully short, Vaughan’s delicate character development and Eduardo Risso’s heavily inked art make this story stand out.