6. Enemy Of The State (Wolverine #20-25, 2005)

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: John Romita Jr.

Within Enemy Of The State's first issue, Wolverine is ambushed by the ninja cult known as The Hand and killed. But, as always, death is merely a temporary annoyance in the comic book world, and he soon comes back to life while being examined by the medical staff at SHIELD. But unbeknownst to Nick Fury’s army, The Hand had to kill Wolverine so they could revive him under their psychic control.

This leads to six issues of Wolverine hacking and slashing his way through the heroes of the Marvel Universe, courtesy of the deranged ninja cult. Writer Mark Millar, one of the better Wolverine talents of the last decade, crafts an explosive blockbuster here that easily trumps any X-Men movie to hit the bigscreen aside from First Class. It’s a hard-hitting epic with countless jaw dropping fight scenes, thanks to the symbiotic relationship between Millar’s scripts and John Romita, Jr.’s art.