9. Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

Neighborhood: Midtown West
Address: 234 West 42nd St.
Website: madametussauds.com/NewYork

Though this may be the tourist trap to end all tourist traps, it might be just the place for the kind of steamy encounter that will make your main chick melt. What better way to liven things up than to imagine any of the celebrities enshrined in this “museum” (and we use this term loosely) ménage à tois-ing their way into your shenanigans? And if you get caught by some gals with “Beiber Fever” or young fellas with “Cyrus Virus,” you just freeze in place and hope to blend in with the wax celebs around you.

Pro Tip: We’ve all heard about how kinky melted wax can be; just imagine a melted wax figure dripping all over your lady’s bare bust and posterior. This is baroque sex.