17-year-old Stacy Irvine of Castle Vale, Birmingham has enjoyed a steady diet of nothing but McDonald's Chicken McNuggets since she was a toddler. It finally caught up to her.

Irvine recently collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital due to her pathetic excuse for a diet. The teen, who says she has never eaten fruits or vegetables, lacked so many vitamins and nutrients that she had to receive them via injection.

Irvine's eating habits have already left her with anemia and inflamed veins in her tongue, and doctors have told her that her hard-headed behavior will kill her. Irvine claims she's tried to kick the habit, but has been hooked since her mother introduced her to the golden arches as the age of two.

The only thing more shocking is her collection of Happy Meal toys, which she barely has room for. Addiction kills, and this girl is already proving that she’s a fiend and a pack rat. Two questions: why does her mother allow it and where’s Morgan Spurlock when you need him?

At least she isn’t selling herself for nuggets. Yet.

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[via The Daily Mail UK]

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