For some, CTRL+C and CTRL+V are merely “copy” and “paste.” For others, namely the Missionary Church of Kopimism, they’re scared symbols.

Kopimism is now a recognized religion in Sweden of 3,000 followers—legally  savvy file-sharers who ingeniously created the religion to skirt any prosecution.

Philosophy student Isak Gerson founded the religion in 2010 and in the last six months, membership has tripled. With increasing strength in numbers, Gerson hopes their beliefs, particularly copyright infringement, will have protection under the law.

“I think that more people will have the courage to step out as Kopimists. Maybe not in the public, but at least to their close ones,” Gerson told TorrentFreak. “A lot of people still worry about going to jail when copying and remixing. I hope in the name of Kopimi that this will change.”

[via TorrentFreak via Gizmodo]