After years of winding customers up, Starbucks will end the year by bringing them all the way down. It's all about expansion in 2012, and the coffee pusher is looking to sell alcohol at a few locations in Atlanta and Southern California.

Starbucks launched this initiative in Seattle back in October of 2010, and now five stores in that area and one in Portland sell beer and wine. In addition to liquor, the beast plans to roll out an extended menu, with warm flatbreads and cheese plates in four-to-six chains in each market.

The new menu will also be unveiled in Chicago this year, and liquor sales will also be tested in Spain, but don't get too excited—Starbucks Corp. has no plans of selling liquor at all locations. Naturally, there's some opposition, as industry nanny Alcohol Justice believes this could lead to ugly situations like underage drinking.

If White Castle can do it, Starbucks can definitely make this work. In the meantime, we'll wait for the first drunken episode to make its way to WorldStarHipHop.

[via Reuters]

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