Sprint, the third largest wireless company in the United States, has admitted to limiting usage for the top 1% of subscribers that the company feels are abusing their data plans, reports Dow Jones Newswires. Which is odd because the company currently runs ads stating that customers wouldn't have to worry about such limitations.   

When AT&T and Verizon announced that they would begin slowing down subscribers who used excessive amounts of data, Sprint took the opportunity to differentiate itself from the nation's wireless big dogs by starting an ad campaign to highlight the fact that its network is "truly unlimited" and users will never have to worry about having their data throttled. 

"For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off," said Sprint's Chief Executive Dan Hesse at an investor conference on Thursday. 

That directive goes against the company's commercials (seen above) which state "What happens if you go over [your data limit]? With Sprint, you don't have to worry; only Sprint offers truly unlimited data." 

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