by Alan Danzis

Spoiler: Would You… Kindly?!

Platform: XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC

“Would you kindly?” With those three words, Bioshock pretty much changed story telling in game. For half of the game, you’re following Atlas after he convinces you that he’s the good guy asking for your hlep to rescue his family from Andrew Ryan. But as you approach Ryan, you learn “would you kindly” (one of Atlas’s first phrases to you) is a programmed trigger used by Ryan’s enemy, Frank Fontaine, to control you. Oh, and Atlas—he’s Frank too.

If you replay the game, you’ll see and hear “Would you kindly?” repeated throughout. Ryan eventually uses it to get you to kill him with his own golf club. It’s not only an incredible twist that you would never see coming, but it’s an idea that is laid throughout the game in noticeable and not so noticeable ways. It’s number 1 because you never saw it coming and, more importantly, it was truly earned.


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