by Alan Danzis

Spoiler: The Bad Guy Was Me?!

Platform: PS3

You spent the majority of the game fighting a villain named Kessler. During your final fight with him at the end of the game, Kessler implants his memories into Cole’s minds. Cole sees an alternate timeline in which he and Trish (who Kessler killed earlier in the game) were happily married with children. When an enemy called “The Beast” started destroying the world, Kessler/Cole and Trish fled with their children.

The Beast eventually caught up with them and killed his family, forcing Kessler/Cole to travel back in time and prepare himself way earlier to defeat it. If you played the game with good karma, Cole gets ready to fight the beast; if you played with bad karma, you laugh at the idea of using your powers to fight The Beast. Who’s the Beast? Well… that would be spoiling inFAMOUS 2 and that will have to wait for another article…