Final Fantasy X

by Alan Danzis

Spoiler: I’ve Been Dead the Whole Time… And So Has My Buddy?!

Platform: PS2

There are a lot of twists in Final Fantasy X. One of the big ones: Sin, the giant beast you fight for most of the game winds up being your father Jecht who, years earlier, left his douchebaggery ways aside to be a real hero.

But the real twist is when you learn not one, but two people in your party are actually dead, and just aren’t ready to move on: Auron, and… well, you. After defeating Sin’s hosts at the end of the game, Auron does eventually go to the Farplane, finally ready to make lay at peace. You didn’t die like Auron—you were the memory of those that died long ago.

With Sin defeated, the fayth that had been summoning that old city and long dead people from memories are able to rest and you disappear. (People tell me you return in the sequel, but I refuse to play since this game ended so well.)

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