If you think a theme park powered by Kinect sounds like a terrible idea, you might not be alone—unless you're in South Korea, where a group called d'strict just spent two years and $13 million USD building one. It's called Live Park, and it's open now, reports Kotaku.

Visitors are strapped up with RFID wristbands that allow the park's 65 attractions to recognize their faces and motions. Live Park boasts (literally, they seem to love boasting) "the world's biggest interactive 360 degree stereoscopic theatre" and "the world's most advanced avatar game in the world's largest interactive projection square stretching over 150 meters."

It's "a 4D avatar theme park that's here today!" You've got to love their enthusiasm, and apparently you might actually get the chance, as they have plans to expand to the US. Would you choose Live Park over LEGOLAND? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.